Terms and Conditions


All trackday schedules including session timings and runtimes are subject to change depending on track conditions.


There is a compulsory safety briefing before each session. You will be given details once you register on arrival at Sepang. If you do not attend the briefing you will not be allowed on the circuit.

Riding Gear

Every rider must have a full-face helmet with securable visor, full leathers (or Leather jackets and pants that zip together securely), leather motorcycle boots and leather motorcycle gloves which must overlap the jacket sleeve. Back protectors are optional but highly recommended.

Track Etiquette

There are to be no wheelies, burnouts or stoppies under ANY circumstances. If you are caught riding dangerously, the organisers reserve the right to suspend your sessions or in serious cases remove you from the track altogether. Passing is allowed on the outside and inside but you MUST leave a 2m gap between you and the other rider throughout the whole overtaking manoeuvre.


There will be a photographer present on all trackdays; don’t forget to smile! Check out the link here

Refund / Cancellation Policy

SBR Trackdays is not responsible if you fail to attend, cannot ride, are unfit to ride or choose not to ride in all part of the day.

Slot transfer is allowed between you and another rider, provided you notify us the details of your replacement rider, minimum 7 days before event date.

Naturally there may be exceptions to this policy from time to time, so if you think your circumstances warrant an exemption, contact us and explain your individual situation.