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Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee

SBR Trackdays…

…was originally founded as a club in Singapore to enable riders to access tracks in Malaysia. It has since grown into a business and has enabled us to become Asia’s Premier Trackday organiser, organizing trackdays in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, attracting riders from the UK, US and Canada, Sweden, Australia and Japan.

Owned and operated by Joseph Lee since 2001, Joe is a well respected former racer with plenty of experience in various levels of competition. Joe and his experienced team at SBR have ridden and raced on a number of different circuits. The team can help you improve your lap times, nurture your racing addiction or just help with any questions you may have. We know that venturing onto the track for the first time can be rather intimidating, not to mention expensive if things go wrong. By joining SBR Trackdays, you will be in experienced hands. We want you to enjoy your time on track!

Our objective at SBR Trackdays is to give riders the opportunity to use their bikes in the way that they were intended to be used, while being able to do so safely. We provide information and tips that which will take the guesswork out of the day. We put riders in touch with other like-minded individuals so that they can share their experiences. You will never feel like an outsider at the track.

Safety is our primary concern. You will be given a safety briefing before you are allowed to venture out on track to ensure everyone is aware of the rules and regulations that are imposed on the day. Some may be obvious, but all tracks are different – there is no such thing as a stupid question, so feel free to ask about anything you are unsure of; either give us a call or contact us here